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First steps of the future National and European Food Losses Registry


One of the objectives of the FOLOU project consortium is the creation of the first homogenised and consensual framework for the future National and European Food Losses Registry. This system will be available to both public administrations and governments, and for the scientific community, field experts and people concerned. Furthermore, it will be designed to collect and analyse data targeting the food distribution value chain and from other similar registries that are presently in place.

Before to its development, we are currently working on the system prerequisites to make it efficient, effective and easy to manage. To achieve these objectives, it is crucial to contact and compare with previous experiences in order to get to know what it is being done and what is necessary for a successful registry implementation.

Representatives of the of the FOLOU project have established first contacts with governments from different EU countries for the registry development. Nowadays, we would like to widen the range of food registry experiences and perspectives by adding more institutional contacts to the FOLOU network.