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Current developments in Food Loss & Waste Reduction | WEBINAR

On June 17th and 18th, from 9:30 to 13:00 CEST, FOLOU and our sister project WASTELESS will be hosting a dynamic two-day webinar. Our focus? Unveiling the current developments in food loss and waste reduction to pave the way for a sustainable future.

Day one will spotlight critical discussions on policy and digital tools, while day two will explore innovative practices and valorisation strategies. Each session promises invaluable insights into shaping a more resilient and resourceful food ecosystem.

You can find the agenda for each specific day below:


Day 1 – 17 June 2024, 09:30 CEST  Speaker/moderatorTime
Welcome by Ana Barros (WASTELESS coordinator)5 min
Current policies and regulatory strategies for FLW monitoring at EU level
The actions of the Italian Observatory on Food Losses and Waste and its congruence with EU policiesLaura Rossi (CREA)20 min
Recent developments in FLW reduction at the EU levelAntonio De Carluccio (ZeroW)10 min
Assessing the sustainability impact of FLW prevention and reduction solutions within EU regulatory frameworkJuana Maria Rivera-Lirio (TONOWASTE)10 min
The EU’s Approach to Food LossDaemon Ortega (SISTERS)10 min
Quick overview on EU FL policies and frontrunner regions: current state and future challengesJulia Tanzer & Alba Graells (FOLOU)10 min
Round table discussion (Q&A)Ana Barros (moderator)20 min
BREAK 11:00 – 11:15
Digital tools and methodologies to measure FLW
Food waste measurement: a common EU methodologyValeria De Laurentiis (JRC)20 min
Foodrus Suite: integral solution to prevent food loss and wasteAinhoa Alonso (FOODRUS)10 min
Tech-IN Waste-OUT:  Open, data-driven platform for capturing and assessing FLW data throughout the supply chainAndra Tanase (ZeroW)10 min
Current development of innovative tools to measure and estimate Food LossWouter Maes (FOLOU)10 min
Automatic system for FW assessment at householdsDejan Gradišar (WASTELESS)10 min
Round table discussion (Q&A)Joan Colon (moderator)20 min
Closing 1st day by Joan Colon (FOLOU coordinator)5 min (12:45)

DAY 2:

Day 2 – 18 June 2024, 09:30 CEST  Speaker/ moderatorTime
Welcome by Joan Colon (FOLOU coordinator)5 min
Innovative practices to use FLW
Creating change in Europe: initiatives tackling food loss and wasteBerta Vidal (Espigoladors)20 min
Overview of FLW interventions identified in the CHORIZO projectChantal den Broeder (CHORIZO)10 min
Development of the Short Chain Platform: RegioneoPierre Tubiana (SISTERS)10 min
SHARING SOLUTIONS innovation platform for FLW in Food Sharing InitiativesSimona Herbaj (CULTIVATE)10 min
Social innovations to prevent food loss and wasteClara Cicatiello (LOWINFOOD)10 min
Innovative Practices in reducing food waste in schoolsUlla Santti (FOODLOOPS)10 min
Round table discussion (Q&A)Joan Colon (moderator)20 min
BREAK 11:10 – 11:25
Valorisation strategies to reduce FLW  
Valorisation of by-products: the case of olive pomaceMaria Beatriz Oliveira (FFUP)20 min
Valorisation of grape stems as a functional ingredient in ruminant dietsMonica Gutierrez (NEWFEED)10 min
The WASTE2FUNC project: from food waste to microbial biosurfactants and lactic acidEsthèle Goure (WASTE2FUNC)10 min
Harnessing agrifood chain by-products for sustainable innovation in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectorsMiguel Rodrigues (WASTELESS)10 min
Potential upcycling of waste from the agrifood chain as soil conditioner and/or fertilizer in agricultureDavid Fangueiro (WASTELESS)10 min
Round table discussion (Q&A)Ana Barros (moderator)20 min
Closing 2nd day by Ana Barros (WASTELESS coordinator)5 min (12:55)


17 - 18 June 2024