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First steps towards a new methodology to assess the environmental impact of food loss


Under the coordination of the BETA Technology Centre, the FOLOU consortium is currently working to develop a comprehensive conceptual framework to address the calculation of the environmental impact of food losses at the primary production stage. The ongoing methodology will be defined according to recent research and techniques suggested by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on Food Waste and will cover the environmental, economic and social impacts of food losses.

The first version of the future methodology has already been submitted to the JRC and DG ENV. This joint review will ensure that all the stages of the process to create the methodology are aligned with the latest research, but also that the impact assessment approach is coherent with the work previously done in the field of food waste.

In the end, FOLOU methodology aims to be a necessary tool to quantify the impacts associated to food losses of five different food commodities, as well as to determine the net environmental and economic savings resulting in food losses prevention actions.

While this work is maturing, we are seeking for collaborators to help with reviewing, improving, and validating the framework among other goals. If you are interested, join us in making a tangible difference in the assessment of food losses impacts by reaching out through our website or contact information.